• Image shows a young white male wearing glasses manipulating technology with his mind. Maps, DNA, and a model of the Earth float in a blue background behind him.

    Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arms

    by Sheel Vaniawala Can a person live normally again after losing a limb? Can prosthetic limbs allow someone to function the same way as before? That’s where mind-controlled prosthetic arms come in. Newly developed robotic prostheses that can… Read More

  • Colorful artwork featuring shambling cartoon zombies in various states of decay

    Zombie Craze

    Illustration by Brittany Boza by Magie Williams Late October is the time for pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, sweaters, and the zombie plague! Science fiction channels, websites, and other forms of media are filled with the undead. TV… Read More

  • Going and Growing Organic at MSU

    by Caroline Poole Over five thousand acres comprise Michigan State’s campus. However, when students put on their green caps and robes after spending four years on the banks of the Red Cedar, most will not have been to… Read More

  • a comic featuring a two-headed shark emerging from a tornado filled with other sharks, writing states "Sharknado 2, Double the Danger"

    Double Trouble

    by Brittany Boza A creative re-imagining of a scientific discovery from MSU Today.

  • Welcome to the New Age

    by Andrea Zuchora “Interdisciplinary” seems to be the new buzzword of this generation, and a new article argues that a comprehensive understanding of the human experience will only be achievable through the collaboration of the sciences and the… Read More

  • SCI: Solve, Collaborate, Investigate

    SCI’s Interdisciplinary Approach Explained

    by Kristin Phillips What does an interdisciplinary STEM magazine look like? Science and technology are broad topics. Umbrella terms, really, they cover a range of topics, disciplines, majors, and opinions that go beyond STEM and the Humanities. At… Read More

  • Medical School Series: Getting Organized & Studying for the MCAT

    Medical School Series: Getting Organized & Studying for the MCAT

    by Alexandra Spilson Getting prepared for medical school is very similar to having another full-time job on top of your undergraduate career. There is an overabundance of components related to preparing for admission to a good medical program…. Read More

  • Sleep Deprivation and the Brain

    Sleep Deprivation and the Brain

    by Maddy Marquardt Sleep deprivation is something that many college students grapple with: whether staying up late studying, or being unable to fall asleep due to stress, students make choices about their sleep schedules every day. In fact,… Read More

  • Climate Change Comes to Michigan

    Climate Change Comes to Michigan

    by Madeline Marquardt With February 2017 being the second-warmest February on record globally, the effects of climate change (referring to the warming trends over the last century that are likely to be a result of human activities) are… Read More

  • The Medical School Game Plan III: Mentors & Networking

    By Ashley M. Lyles As a college student, you probably have heard a great deal about networking. Your professors, academic advisors and friends have probably mentioned the term networking before. The thought of networking can seem a little… Read More

  • Stress and Alcohol

    By Jeremy Shinn “College is the best four years of your life.” Every college student has heard this promise countless times and for good reason. College is a great time. It’s a chance to experience countless new things,… Read More

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